August 2, 2010


Fate Lions will be playing First Friday on the Green this weekend with Quaker City Night Hawks and Chatterton
The show starts at 6:00PM. 
The Magnolia Green Park is located on the 1100 block of Lipscomb, between Rosedale and Magnolia, in Fort Worth, TX.
There will be vendors selling drinks if you get hot and thirsty, and this is Texas in August, so you are guaranteed to get hot and thirsty!
Come sweat with us this Friday night. We can't wait to share musky odors, and a beer, with you.

In other news, the Bankrupt Vegan blog is hosting a $40 gift card giveaway to CSN Stores and, just by virtue of being a Fate Lions fan, you are eligible to enter! Anyone who is a Fate Lions follower on Facebook, Twitter or Google Friend Connect can enter. If you are not a Fate Lions follower in any of these forums, you can still enter by going to the Bankrupt Vegan giveaway post and leaving a comment telling Jen what your favorite Fate Lions song is. Anyone in the U.S. can enter. Good luck!

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