September 15, 2011

Crispy Action Money

We are just getting back on the horse it seems. Still way behind on posting to the site. Been staying stupid silly on Twitter and occasionally genius over on the Facebook page but keep forgetting to get it going on here on the band site. Probably because there isn't an 'app' for it on the phones we use. Still, excuses, excuses...

We will once more have the pleasure have of playing one of Fort Worth's best local music venues, The Moon Bar on West Berry near TCU. That all goes down Friday the 23rd of September. As always it should prove to be a fabulous time.

The State Fair of Texas is a deep fried masterpiece of crispy, golden goodnes and Fate Lions will be playing there on October 4th. Look for more details soon.

For more info regarding our imminent vinyl release visit Tree Fall Sounds web presence and be amazed.

Until next time...

Stay Groovy!

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