April 1, 2010

Sorry Big D

Sorry, so sorry Dallas. Due to circumstance beyond our control and ability to alter in any way (day job poo poo) we've had to cancel a whole slew of April goodness within your city limits. We will make it up to you somehow, someway. Does anyone want to throw down for a house party?

We play The Green Elephant in May with Austin band The Hi-Tones. Should be happening. I will be taking off my glasses, re-creating a key scene from Superman 2. I will be mortal, vulnerable, and wearing plaid. Truck stop diner bullies now is your chance. Come on out and buy me a beer.

Yeas Mrs F5 we will be raising our glasses to Alex Chilton.

We love y'all, so stay groovy!


amy said...

Fate Lions. Green Elephant. May. Alex Chilton. These are all VERY GOOD THINGS.

I am appeased. :)
mrs. f5

camsicle said...

This was posted 4-1-2010. Please say it's an April Fools joke?