April 20, 2010

Alice & The Fate Bunch

Well, well, well. We have been busy on many levels. Some unintended. We are still reeling from having to miss playing some recent shows in Dallas. We hated to let anyone down, most especially ourselves. We like to get up on stage and feel important. We like to imagine that our personal realities are the fantasies and that the fantasies are real. We reach out with arms raised in salutation to the night gods and their sweet beautiful children. Not to mention the fact that I have a whole slew of sneakers that I’ll only wear while performing and hate to let them go to waste but can’t bring myself to compromise. We’ve also been preoccupied writing Ann B. Davis. I grew up watching ‘The Brady Bunch’ and good or bad must admit to their influence. The relationship dynamic that Alice and Sam maintained always impressed me. I suspected the both of illicit drug use for some time but upon further speculation imagine that they had a natural Zen thing going on. Many layers to the onion indeed. Anyway, we wrote her a letter and you should too:

Ann B. Davis
23315 Eagle Gap Drive
San Antonio, TX 78255

Now don’t write unless you have something positive to share. I don’t want her getting a flood of letters from a bunch of ingrates just because I nudged people to get happy with a postage stamp.

In other news we’ve got big things (for us anyway) going on for this weekend. A small string of shows that culminate in a stop at the Norman Music Festival. This Friday we play at The Moon in Fort Worth, TX. It’s always been a great spot to listen to music and the clientele are very people. We’re playing with The Winter Sounds from Athens, GA (sweet Georgia breezes…) and Parachute Musical from Nashville, TN. All you 817 locals should get on out and make ‘em feel at home. We want them bringing back favorable reviews for the better treatment of Fort Worth touring acts that make their way to their respective urban strongholds. Saturday it’s a hop, skip and a jump over to Hailey’s in Denton. We’ll be out all night with locals, KXT favorites, The Hope Trust and The Red 100’s from Dallas. A well rounded evening of aural pleasures. You can at least stop by before heading over to the Electric Six show. Sunday we roll over to Norman, OK home of the Norman Music Festival. This thing just gets bigger and bigger. We play at 2pm in the beautiful Sooner Theater. We hope to make a whole lot of new friends.

Stay Groovy!

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